webweb is a tool for creating interactive visualizations of networks on the web.

webweb is a front end to a clever library called d3. Learn more about d3 at d3js.org. While d3 was made for web developers, webweb is made for networks researchers who use MATLAB. The idea is that you can use webweb to make easily shareable and interactive network visualizations. View your webs on the web!

How to get webweb

Find the latest version on my github.com/dblarremore/webweb

How to use webweb

Unzip the download, and put the files listed above into your current MATLAB directory. Then either check out the MATLAB help for webweb.m, try opening webwebTest.m for some worked examples, or view the webweb examples page. Example 1 shows the simplest use of webweb. Click links to see results.

Example 1 - A single network

% create a 100 node adjacency matrix A
A = floor(1.01*rand(100,100)); A=A+A'; A(A>0) = 1;
% call webweb

Example 2 - Node names
Example 3 - Two networks
Example 4 - Two networks + Node names
Example 5 - Name the networks
Example 6 - Multiple networks, with node and network names
Advanced Example - Customized

Code to produce all examples can be found on the webweb examples page, or in webwebTest.m.

Feedback and Bugs

The code provided here is provided as-is, with no warranty, with no guarantees of technical support or maintenance, etc. If you experience problems while using the code, please let me know via email. I am happy to host (or link to) implementations of webweb drivers in other programming languages, in the interest of facilitating their more widespread use. However, I cannot provide any technical support for that code.

If you repurpose or hack this code to do something else, I would love to hear about it. If you use webweb to make figures for an academic paper, no citation is needed, but please let me know and I will post a link here to your publication.

Updates and Appearances

  1. 2018 January 23 - Merged a fork from Michael Iuzzolino that includes some really cool options: SVG saving, drag and drop file loading, and standard file loading.
  2. 2017 September 21 - Swapped files to github because it's 2017.
  3. 2017 March 2 - Joshua Goldford published Webweb figures in a paper in Cell: Remnants of an Ancient Metabolism without Phosphate
  4. 2015 October 12 - Webweb figures published in a paper in Nature Communications: Ape parasite origins of human malaria virulence genes
  5. 2015 May 22 - Updated to 3.3: You can now pause and unpause the movement of the vertices.
  6. 2015 February 12 - Webweb figures published in a paper in Science Advances.
  7. 2014 July 10 - Webweb figures published in a paper in Physical Review E.
  8. 2014 May 16 - Updated to 3.2: Link opacity defaults to checked. Charge selection bugfix. Added ability to change link strength. Fixed use of function unix, which only functions on OSX or Linux; now the code will run on Windows.
  9. 2013 December 22 - Updated to 3.1 which accepts a single sparse matrix as input.
  10. 2013 November 15 - Webweb figures published in a conference poster for Information, Instability and Fragility in Networks.
  11. 2013 October 10 - Webweb publication-quality figures published in a paper in PLoS Computational Biology, along with interactive versions of all published figures.
  12. 2013 August 26 - webweb 3 released.
  13. 2013 August 7 - webweb released to public.